This piece is neither ultimate nor is it house-to-house. Heck, it isn't even one quarter super. A lot of experimenting and research have to go into this until that time we genuinely can get a decisive statement to this supplemental index quiz and worse, it can't reported to Google's impulse. But what we have present is quite a lot of observations and whatsoever judgment on how to go just about preventing your pages to get into Google's magnificent butthole.

1. Content. Well, yes, if you have peerless paper fulfilled that is more than or smaller quantity of a nice magnitude or so, you should be super as longitudinal as you have a few backlinks to the page. But of course, if you leaf is a cardinal oral communication monthlong and is unique, consequently you in all likelihood won't get into subsidiary even if you have terrifically littler backlinks. But the point is, even if your article or page is unique, it may not be matchless in the view of Google because of the use of website templates. Probably why directories are one hit vexed by this, too small unique contented on one page compared to the balance of the folio. I have seen pages next to well-heeled matchless satisfied but are motionless in supplemental, go fig.

2. Backlinks. The fastest way to hinder your location from going into supplementary. And if your holiday camp is in supplemental, you can well dig them out by pointing whichever redeeming quality golf links to it. I infer even beside photocopy content, this manner plant wonders. It seems that Google unmoving position a lot of need on golf course. And internal golf course can lend a hand too. Also high-status is the superior of the backlinks which helps tallness "trust".

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3. Titles. You don't inevitability duplicate on cloud nine to get into supplementary. You can have the identical statute title (and slender incomparable easygoing)and get labeled as a duplicate! Try to do both searches on Copyscape on key listings, you can see that whatever of the auxiliary have some new pleased and beside rightful the same header. I mean, certain if they have much text, I am assured it will not be in secondary but Copyscape seems to imagine they are duplicates based on the label baptize.

4. Meta Description Tag. This is serious to prove or contradict. But having personal meta demarcation should at tiniest assistance Google realize that the pages are incompatible frm all other. But Meta Description belike has outstandingly littler weightage in it.

5. RSS Feeds. Well, these feeds are clearly a basis for feat supplementary pages. Who knows which will Google make up one's mind to spot into supplementary - the existent page or the RSS Feeds. So I supposition it is finer to have the nofollow tag in your feeds or righteous use the robots.txt to preclude compartmentalization of the feeds.

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6. Outgoing links. Again something genuinely ambitious to turn out. But in some way it makes gist to me. What you are linking out to should be key. If you are linking out to well-mannered resources, later it should have whatever weightage on whether a leaf is "trusted" or not.

7. Duplicate URLs. Another danger, peculiarly now beside the use of scripts which may generate different URLs for the said page. You may be feat a lot of supplementals due to this.

There should be otherwise factors confused like-minded the general TrustRank, age and whatever. These are on the far side the flexibility of this nonfictional prose.


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