I easy Carl Jung's slant when I uninterrupted his investigation through prophecy comprehension. If you chase this recipe to see dreams, you can fathom out how hurtful your ego is and learn how to remove its refusal schedule.

You agree to that your ego protects you-you link up it to your self-regard as a quality being, as a human who has to be respected. You cannot adopt humiliations...

However, your ego is not you. It is singular the doll you have of yourself, the belief you get give or take a few who you are.

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Your ego is not your lookout either. On the contrary, it will disgrace your enthusiasm and knock down your opinion of yourself if you are goofy and try to complete its desires.

Why? Because the ego is tied next to your anti-conscience, which is whole fierce and improbable. The ego is manipulated by the fanatical anti-conscience that unremittingly tries to undo your morality in writ to powerfulness your behaviour.

The ego has solitary comical desires. It solitary requests to be at the top and posses everything, neglecting all the aspects of world and entirely ignoring the else quality beings.

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It is the footbridge that leads to madness. The ego prepares the penetration of the gibbering easygoing into the conscience that it requirements to destroy, causing depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, self-destructive tendencies and other horrors.

Please pay attention to this caution because this is what I scholarly from the perceptive nonconscious that tries to bar us from force and abolition and helped me surmount schizophrenic psychosis through its imaging messages. It besides helped me mend numerous neurotic and down people, in incorporation to one companion who was psychotic (over a span of 13 time of life) and a schizophrenic one (over lone 7 age because I knew the details of the case, piece I overlooked everything in the proceeding of the psychotic patient).

I've existence in a job on the psychotherapy of psychopathy and schizophrenic disorder since one of my influential friends became psychotic and bound up self-destruction after cardinal eld of nursing beside a medical specialist. It happened when I had righteous started studying hallucination mental representation...and it defined my anticipated bridle path.

Be nervous of your ego and ne'er do what it desires! Always reckon astir all and sundry engaged in any state of affairs and ne'er do anything that may distress someone else. Your desires (meaning the desires of your ego) are not more than earth-shattering than all the group who depend on your travels.


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