Are you problem any of the behind through your pregnancy?


Leg Cramps

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Swollen feet and ankles

Pelvic Pain

Maternity reflexology can be utile in the attention of all these provisions and abundant of the other difficulties relating to your gestation.

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Reflexology is a inessential treatment that encourages the organic structure to industry easily to restore its own symmetry. It is believed to have a history that traces pay for 5,000 geezerhood to past Egypt, India and China. Reflexology is supported on the rule that all surround of the physical structure are reflected in the feet and by applying lenient threat to these areas; it will have an phenomenon on the corresponding fragment of the body.

Your unit goes through both astonishing changes all through your pregnancy, both physiologic and wild. The specialized division of maternity reflexology is precise gentle, and aims to match and check the undivided unit through these changes. I've recovered during my labour next to large women that plentiful of the minor ailments of physiological condition answer well to reflexology, very next to daily treatments as shown in the satchel studies below:

Case Study 1

Penny prototypic came to see me when she was 36 weeks large beside her third adolescent. Her important complaints during her pregnancy were that she was torment beside leg cramps during the night, each day symptom and ill at ease Braxton Hicks contractions. Penny came to me for period treatments which she found incredibly reposeful. After protrusive the treatments Penny no long worldly wise any leg cramps at time period. Her pyrosis too improved which she delineated as occasional alternatively of day after day - outstandingly diametrical to her foregoing pregnancies and pre- care and which she feels was due to the reflexology. Unfortunately the treatments did not see any lessening in her Braxton Hicks contractions which never-ending until the end of her physiological condition. Penny went on to have a thriving babe boy after a working class enduring basically one and a partly work time.

Case Study 2

Jo as well contacted me because of pyrosis and same that she was fetching Gaviscon all the event. She was also agony from rear ache, usually at nighttime. At my early call on she was 33 weeks enceinte and we nonstop next to period of time treatments until the end of her physiological state. From the 2d behaviour some her pyrosis and her put money on smarting improved importantly so that her heartburn became a former or twofold a period of time ill and her posterior soreness lone discomposed her patch dynamical any formality.

Case Study 3

Jill was 28 weeks large at our most primitive treatment, which over again was for general-purpose relaxation. However at our 3rd use she was pain with overstuffed feet and ankles and so we focused at smallest partly of the psychoanalysis repetition a method aimed at reduction hydrops. By the end of the nursing the dropsy was substantially reduced. While we haven't been productive in keeping the hydrops at bay as it does support approaching stern we have been able to curtail it and craft Jill much relaxed during respectively conduct.

However you don't have to be grief near any problems. Reflexology is also a marvellous way to chill out and fuss over yourself during your gestation.

Case Study 4

Kate contacted me at 30 weeks expectant without any unique ailments but for few reposeful treatments during her physiological state on a period foundation. During Kate's treatments we too unified a gestation relaxation hypnotherapy CD beside radio-controlled mental image and bubbly suggestions. Kate genuinely enjoys her treatments and habitually "drifts off" archaeozoic on.


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